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Covington OH houseCovington is a quiet, charming little town located just outside of Dayton. Boasting affordable homes, idyllic tree-lined streets and exceptional public schools, it is one of the most livable and family-friendly communities in the region. Covington real estate offers modest interest rates and home prices while Covington homes include something for just about everyone. For those looking to relocate to the Dayton area in a community with small town charm and friendliness, Covington is just what you’ve been looking for.

Covington, OH real estate is close to Dayton and other nearby cities and offers affordable property prices. Covington homes are noted for their quaint charm and low interest rates. You can find single-family homes, starter homes and one-story houses that are perfect for retirees and empty-nesters. Covington properties work out great for a wide range of people, including commuters to Dayton and families new to the area. With their modest prices and charming design, Covington homes for sale offer some of the best deals in the Dayton region.


The town was originally settled in 1793 as Fort Rowdy, a frontier fort built to protect settlers and burgeoning trade routes in the region. It was formally incorporated as Covington in 1835 and grew steadily thanks to the region’s rich farmland and strong industrial base. It continued to thrive into the 20th century and today is known as one of the most desirable towns in the Dayton area thanks to its low cost of living, quiet atmosphere and superb quality of life.

Fishing in Covington OHParks and Recreation

Covington offers a wealth of woodlands, protected forests and nearby state and local parks to enjoy. It also holds the Stillwater River and Greenville Creek, two of the region’s top destinations for fishing. Other outdoor activities like biking, hiking and camping are all very easy to do in the Covington region.

Attractions and Activities

Local attractions include nearby parks and historic sites as well as the numerous museums, cultural centers and theaters of nearby Dayton.


Covington and nearby cities host a number of parades, farmers markets, concerts and other events year round, including the annual Fort Rowdy Gathering held every October.

Covington: A Charming Small Town with Affordable Real Estate Choices

With its bucolic setting and family-friendly appeal, Covington, OH is an outstanding place to live. Homes for sale in Covington have something in store for even the most cautious home buyer. Those interested in the town’s real estate market and becoming a Covington home buyer should call Mary Couser, 937-216-0922, right away for the best deals available in this charming little town.

Mary Couser
Mary Couser