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A real estate property in Troy OHTroy, OH real estate is among the most desirable in the Dayton metropolitan area thanks to its blend of prime location, affordability and outstanding value. Troy, OH homes are perfect for commuters to Dayton as well as families, young professionals and just about everyone in between. A friendly city filled with Midwest charm and great amenities and attractions nearby, Troy offers a livable environment in a prime location. In short, it’s what every homebuyer in Ohio is looking for.

Troy real estate enjoys strong value, not to mention very competitive prices and historically low interest rates. Troy homes offer superb quality and plenty of options for just about everybody, including spacious single-family homes, charming townhouses and starter homes at very reasonable prices. Troy homes for sale work well for those who work in Dayton and other nearby cities as well as families looking for a place to live that’s safe, affordable and close to nearby amenities. All in all, Troy properties boast a mix of quality and affordable prices that can’t be beat.

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Troy was first settled in the early 1800s and thrived as a farming and trading community. The growth of Dayton and other industrial cities in the late 19th century benefited Troy immensely, helping it attract many new residents. The city survived the infamous Great Dayton Flood of 1913 and continued to grow throughout the 20th century. Today it is noted for its affordable homes and prime location close to Dayton, helping it once again attract new families, young professionals and businesses of every sort.

Parks and Recreation

The city offers easy access to nearby woodlands and idyllic rivers, giving residents plenty of outdoor recreational options to enjoy like fishing, camping and biking. Local parks and public facilities in this charming city include the Hobart Arena, Troy Aquatic Park, Troy Community Park, Duke Park and many others in the region.

Attractions and Activities

Troy’s attractions include its rich array of parks, the Troy Historical Society, the Brukner Nature Center, numerous golf courses and the WACO Air Museum.

Troy Strawberry Festival

The city offers many events and festivities such as farmers markets, the Troy Strawberry Festival, concerts, arts shows and much more.

Troy: One of Ohio’s Friendliest and Most Livable Cities

Real estate in Troy, OH and homes for sale in Troy, OH have never offered better deals than right now. Those hoping to become a Troy home buyer should get in touch with Troy real estate agent Mary Couser, 937-216-0922, right away. With its great schools, excellent transportation options and high quality of life, Troy offers the ideal place to buy a new home in the Dayton area. 

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Mary Couser
Mary Couser